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Bone Cement

Be it a knee replacement procedure, elbow joint replacement process or an artificial hip adjusting process, what plays a major role in performing the aforesaid along with a host of various of various processes related to bone fixation or replacement is Bone Cement. As the very name of this category suggest, it is a cement that aids in fixing a bone just like building cement is used to make homes. This cement is something that is used in different cases by medical practitioners to perform different surgeries. One of the major advantages of using Bone Cement is that it enables bone immediately after the surgery to bear the full weight of your body.
Key Points:

  • This type of cement consist of powder (PMMA or MMA co-polymer beads or amorphous powder) and liquid (MMA monomer, inhibitor).
  • It can be applied safely over the human body.
  • It gets harden into solid easily.
  • Bone cement set time differs and can be tailored accord8ing to the procedure.