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Biopsy Devices

In order to identify and diagnose various kinds of medical complications like cancer and cancerous cells that are found in human body, what can be more beneficial than using Biopsy Devices like Core Needle, Semi-automatic Gun, Bone Aspiration Needle, and many others. Nothing serve better than these devices as examination tools because they assist in easy removal of tissue to check the malignant cells and every time give precise samples. The automated achieve and lightweight system offers quick spring loaded action as well as accurate penetration, thus giving quality sampling and precise control that doctors and practitioners require to analyze the disease.  

Key Points:
  • To meet the technical and specialized requirements of procedures, our offerings are available in different lengths, gauge sizes and usage type (automatic, semi-automatic or manual).
  • One handed design as well as operation, light in weight, accurate result, compact design.
  • These devices can be repositioned prior to sample capturing.
  • Especially designed for removing and checking soft tissues.